Artist Activities

In order to earn cards and currency, you can participate in any of the activities that are linked on this page. Some of these activities will be forum-based, indicated by having stars (★) surrounding the activity name, while the majority of them will be site-based. If you have issues with any of them, please read the password gate reminders below prior to asking for help.
  • All passwords should be written in lowercase with no spaces or punctuation.
  • Numbers should be written as digits ("8" and not "eight") unless they are part of a title that has them written as words.
  • All names should be written in eastern ("Last Name, First Name") format - unless it is written in western ("First Name, Last Name") format on their deck page.
    • i.e. yazawanico instead of nicoyazawa
  • Attempt all spelling variations (including different romanizations) before sending a PM to Cami for assistance.

Weekly Activities

Merch Giveaway Lucky Lottery Card Puzzle
Album Sales Slot Machine Producer's Hangman
Memory Check Battle of the Bands Idol Blackjack
Goodie Bag ★ A to Z ★ ★ Higher or Lower ★

Biweekly Set 1

Biweekly Set 2

Poster Puzzle Idol Scramble
Missing Lyrics Guess the Song
Artist Profiles Voice Match
Blurred Covers Tic-Tac-Toe
Pick an Idol Upcoming Vote
Card Copies Lost Idol
Song Scramble Security Breach
Director's Cut Pitch Perfect

Monthly Activities

Jukebox Hero Puzzle Festa Wishing Well Featured Artist
Birthday Bash ★ Group Collect ★ ★ Collab. Stage ★ ★ Forum Freebies ★