Producer's Manual

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Types of Cards

The regular (worth 1) decks consist of decks that fall under six different categories - series decks, character / group decks, performance decks, episode / season decks, opening decks, ending decks, and PV decks.

Special (worth 2) decks consist of large puzzles and themed decks. Themed decks are typically member-created, although that isn't always the case as we do allow members to donate 1 special deck per month.

Member cards are worth zero (0) toward your card count but are allowed to be counted toward your trade cards when you trade them away for other member cards.

Event cards are worth zero (0) toward your card count and may not be traded with other members. You can claim rewards for every 15 event cards that you collect.

Card Pages & Deck Lists

You can assume that the deck maker found a deck's images by themselves in the event that a donator is listed as "Staff". This will be the case for most donations by deck makers - unless the deck maker has stated in their donation thread that a different deck maker will be making the deck OR if a deck was created by one deck maker using images that a different deck maker donated to a different TCG that the deck maker was staffed on. (For example, Jessica's Ittoki Otoya deck was made from images that Cami donated to Crescendo.)

The list of released decks may be viewed by series - or as one large text list that is sorted by category. The current default view is to sort by series, where one can click on a series image and then be shown all the decks that are from that particular series. When one decides to "View All", they will be linked to the old deck list that has decks alphabetized by series and deck name after they have been sorted by category.

Member-created decks will always be listed under the "Collaboration Stage" series, while other themed decks that were not necessarily created through the forum activity will be listed under the "Themed" series.

Event Lives & Secret Lives

Typically, our TCG events will be referred to as "Event Lives" as idol groups and agencies do like to hold events for certain occasions. Every event will have different sorts of tasks associated with it. Sometimes, it might be a competition-style format. At other times, it'll be something where everyone is a winner - meaning that simply participating will let you earn rewards.

Please note that, With competition-style events, you only get participation rewards if you actually try. We know that some TCGs will give you participation rewards just for signing up, but we don't really do that here. Our competition-style events will usually have a sign-up thread, and instructions will usually say that you need an individual thread to accumulate points once the sign-up period is over. In other words, your "point accumulation" thread needs to at least be started in orderto earn participation rewards.

Now, what are the "Secret Lives" that we mentioned? These are basically mini competition-style events that members have to sign up for through Twitter, as that is where they will be announced. There will be a 48-hour sign-up period for each of them so the durations will differ - unlike the normal events that will run for 3-4 weeks at minimum (with only the round lengths differing for competition-style events that have a low participant pool).

The only times that a "Secret Live" will be cancelled is if either nobody signs up or if only 1 person signs up. As long as 2 or more people sign up to participate, the "Secret Live" will be held. These events won't necessarily have a reason behind them. They might even be announced through Twitter in the middle of an on-going main event.

People should also keep in mind that the winner of the secret live will always be given an advantage in the next main competition-style event that comes up afterwards (that they sign up for). If there's more than one secret live that takes place before a main event, and the same person wins multiples, then the main event perks will go to the 2nd place winner - and so on. Those that know me should know what the perk is since I mentioned competition-style events.