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New Members: None :[
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set 2
Level Ups: Adelicya (3), Cami (2), Cas (2), Jessica (3), Jules (3), Mio (3)
Masteries: Adelicya (kurosawarin, hikamisumire, hijirikawacyan, otogariadonis, maizonosayaka, sonochieri), Cami (blazelotus), Cas (yazawanico), Jessica (nijinoyume, whatboutmystar, makeit, kibounitsuite, sp-everblue, sp-thirdaction), Jules (susumetomorrow, nijinoyume, nishikinomaki, oozoraakari, morisawachiaki, yazawanico), Kairi (hijirikawacyan, kibounitsuite, thechosenlights), Kayori (orpheus, aijimacecil, shinomiyanatsuki), Mio (sakumarei, jingujiren, otogariadonis)
Affiliates: none

Okay, I know I'm a full day late - but I think that you should all know why that is if you've been paying attention to the site twitter. For those of you that weren't, I forgot my laptop charger at home and my laptop was basically dead by Monday afternoon. I waited nearly all morning & partway through the afternoon on the actual update day in hopes that the back-up that I had ordered on Sunday would be available for pick-up by then since I had a guaranteed delivery date of January 17th (which is, yes, the date indicated on this post despite being a day before I actually wrote it). However, despite actually being delivered on the 17th, the package wasn't logged until the 18th - which is the day that this is all being written but at least I posted a placeholder on time.

To be honest, this is actually the third time that I'm writing out the rest of this because my laptop kept freezing in the middle of sections (so now I'm saving after every sentence since I write everything in a notepad document before actually posting).

Twitter Freebies: At this point, if you have not yet already done so, you are free to take the twitter freebies that I had posted yesterday. There are no restrictions on the choice cards - and I apologize for neglecting to mention that when I first posted them. For those who don't follow the twitter, this is basically what was posted.
Please take choice cards spelling out "LATE UPDATE" and the first five cards from the regular decks randomizer.
Also, I'm going to say this again since I keep forgetting. You do not need to use two letters in order to take 2 choice special cards. You only need to use one letter. However, using choice freebies for special cards implies that the "sp-" prefix is not included.

Wishing Well: Four wishes are being granted this week! As always, make sure to comment with what you take.

Jessica wished for:
I wish for members to get a free boost of their choice.
Each member is allowed to select any non-permanent boost and order it from the record store at no charge. Just make sure that you link to this post when ordering it once you've commented and let us know what you are taking.

Cassidy wished for:
5 choice cards from decks we have 10 or less cards of!
Members may select TWO (2) that they have 10 or less cards from and take 5 choice cards from each of them.

haleyrenee wished for:
for the sleepover deck to be released please!!! it's my fav pic hehe
I have released the "Sleepover" deck in this update.

Jules wished for:
Choice cards saying "SNOW DAY" because we just got our 1st snow of the season.
You are allowed to take no more than 2 cards per deck and one may be special (remember that you only need to use one letter and to exclude the "sp-" prefix when if you choose a special card).

New Decks: There are 10 new decks for you today - since I promised that I would have a deck release on the grand opening. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone but you are more than welcome to trade your pulls away if you have no desire to keep them.

♪ All members may take up to 10 cards, but no more than 2 per deck.
♪ Donators and deck makers may take 1 extra card from the decks that they made or donated.
♪ Feel free to use the Deck Release Pulls thread if you have any slots that you do not plan on using for yourself.

Closing Notes: That should be all. For those of you who have mastered any decks or leveled up, please note that those are updated as the level-up and mastery staff inform us (Jess & I) of them. If you haven't been rewarded, then we haven't been informed. Since my Tuesdays are more packed than I had originally planned, I kinda rely on staff to let me know about those things. Don't go blaming them, though, since I should have enough time to look over them myself with the low member count - and if the mishap with the charger hadn't happened, I most likely would have done just that. Since it did happen, though, I didn't really have the time to look over it if I wanted to get the update up before Thursday.

Therefore, if your activity wasn't included in this update, it will definitely be noted in the next update! Speaking of the next update, that should be up on January 24 before 10am (MST).

P.S. The referral contest that I mentioned way back when...just wanted to remind you guys that it's a monthly thing - and part of the grand prize includes choosing any one deck on the upcoming list (or indicated as "donated" on the deck claim sheet) to be made and released.

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