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Happy Belated New Year!

New Members: None :[
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set 2, Monthly
Level Ups: None
Masteries: Cami (sakumarei), Jessica (mikumoguynemer), Minty (otogariadonis), Mio (undead)
Affiliates: La Musica

Well, it's the start of a new year - so here's a belated "Happy New Year" update for everyone. Normally, I'd post the first update on the first day of the new month...but the first of this month was pretty close to the weekly update so I decided to wait to post it.

Wishing Well: First off, we're granting two wishes this this week. We're running pretty low right now since only a few people followed the instructions. Prejoiners are allowed to send in TWO wishes per month - so if you only sent in one during December, make sure to send three for this month to put you on track. If you sent in two during September, then send in the same amount as you did last time.

Jules wished for:
10 random cards for everyone! maybe? :O ooo
Please take the first 10 cards that you see in this randomizer and make sure to comment with what you take.

Kayori wished for:
Choice cards spelling out "Music"
Only 1 card per deck and make sure that you comment with what you take.

Featured Artist: With the start of a new month, we have our first featured artist - Jules!

Please be sure to take your rewards from the activities page or by clicking here. You must be logged in to redeem them!

Event Cards: Three new event cards for you! One for the new month, one in honor of the New Year's holiday, and one in honor of our very first featured artist.

ev-january2017, ev-newyears2017, ev-jan2017featuredartist

Jukebox Hero: I know that audio games aren't the easiest ones to answer. They're usually pretty difficult for myself, to be honest. However, for this site in particular, I'd like to stress that not all songs will have been featured in a series anime. Some of the featured series on this site don't even have anime yet, though, so that should be obvious. Last month's Jukebox Hero answers are as follows:
1. "Signalize" - Aikatsu!
2. "Smoky Thrill" - The Idolm@ster
3. "Faith & Pray" - Show by Rock!!
I will always post the answers for the previous month's Jukebox Hero in the first update of each month. No other audio games (Guess the Song & Pitch Perfect) will have their answers given away - since there's a 2-week timeframe for those and it wouldn't surprise me at all if you guys helped each other out. The monthly game is something that I expect someone to do on their own, though, so I do expect that some people will be unable to identify at least one song for each round.

As I neglected a specific instruction last month, you may take 1 special card from this randomizer for each song - making it three special cards in total. However, if you received a reward for correctly identifying all of the songs, you may not take compensation as you already received the full reward.

Birthdays: I totally forgot to do this last month so I'll be combining it with this month. Obviously, if you have a birthday in January, feel free to pick up your birthday present right now. If you had a birthday in December, you should already have your present logged. However, you're missing your personalized event card! Those of you who have your birthdays in December or January, please apply for your personalized event card before January 31 at 11:59pm.

Collaboration Stage: We've finally started in off our very first collaboration deck (New Year). If you have not done so already, please contribute an image to the deck.

That should be all for now, right? In that case, I'll see you next week on January 10!

Edit - 01/05/2017: I actually did forget something. I've recently decided that we will be having member decks on this TCG. For those of you who would like to suggest names for the activity, please venture over to this thread on the forums. You may give a name suggestion as well as 2 or 3 task suggestions as member will be allowed to accomplish their choice of 15 tasks as each card in the member deck (aside from the first card) can be unlocked by completing ONE task out of a selection of 3.

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