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Merry Christmas!

New Members: Adelicya, haleyrenee, Kairi, Kayori, Liz, Minty, Mio, Samu
Level Ups: Adelicya (2), Jessica (2), Jules (2), Minty (2), Mio (2)
Masteries: None!
Games: None

This update is more just for me to release event cards and grant wishes. As I have already stated before, there will be no new decks released until the grand opening in January - with the exact date still being undecided. I hope to figure it out eventually - but it depends on a few factors.

One of those is, of course, how many of the still un-made upcoming decks will actually be made before January. It's fine when it comes to my own personal donations on the upcoming list because I've stated on previous TCGs that I'm willing to make decks on the fly if they get enough votes - but once all the un-made decks are actually made, decks won't be added to the upcoming list until they've actually been uploaded (to make things easier on all of us).

Anyway, what was the point of this update again? Oh, yes! A few holiday wishes will be granted right here and now.

Wishing Well: This won't be happening very often, but I've decided to grant three wishes this time around. As always, make sure to comment with what you take or it won't be counted.

Jessica wished for:
I wish for each member to pick out choice cards spelling WINTER!

Jules wished for:
it's christmas time! choice cards spelling: MERRY CHRISTMAS

These choice cards will have no limitations as long as the filename of the card in question includes the letter.

haleyrenee wished for:
1 cd or dvd from the record store please!

Each member may select one item from the record store for their trade post.

Christmas Presents: In addition to the above, please take the first ten cards from this randomizer and 100 Idol Points! This is a gift directly from me to you. Also, since I received $120 as part of the Christmas present that I received for myself, you may also take choice cards #12 and #10 as part of your present - as they make 120 when multiplied by one another. Only one of these two cards may be special.

Event Cards: I forgot to release a few event cards with the past update - which all prejoiners may still pull from as stated on the "event cards" page. I am also releasing a new event card today.

ev-december2016, ev-25decks, ev-50decks, ev-christmas2016

Member Card Replacement: I decided to change my member card - mostly because the original one was mostly to test out the template, and I had no real attachment to the image that I had used for it. If you have my old member card, please replace it with the new one.

Regarding Levels: It has come to my attention that people are leveling up rather quickly. While this isn't a HUGE issue, it means that people might reach the level cap and be claiming royalties earlier than I had originally planned. Before the grand opening, I plan on re-working the required card counts for leveling up as well as the weekly + biweekly game rewards. I may also re-work the forum activity & service rewards. However, those who have already leveled up will be able to keep the level that they are at whenever the new card counts and game rewards are implemented. This is why we have prejoin phases, anyway.

Well, that's all for far as I know, at least. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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