Site Updates

Soft Prejoin Begins

Hey, everyone!

As you can see, I've decided to open up Spotlight for a soft prejoin period - although the official prejoin isn't all that far away.

What's needed during the soft prejoin? I'm glad you asked! This period is forum-based (as are most of the TCG services). Therefore, you most definitely need to sign up for the forums if you want to participate. After you've done so, then you can participate in the following:
► Deck & Graphic Donations (all limits are doubled for prejoin)
► Record Store Pre-Orders (request desired collectibles)
► Provide skin suggestions for the main site.
► Give us deck suggestion (collab. themes & deck donations)
► Apply for staff! (You do not want me doing everything myself when it comes to services and me. Well, there's Jess to help me pick up slack but even two people may have difficulty.)

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