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I hate eye doctors

New Members: none
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set 1
Level Ups: Cami (4)
Masteries: Cami (ichinosetokiya, nijinoyume)
Affiliates: none

First off, I'd like to request that anyone who posts level-ups and masteries in the future to please be patient when receiving rewards. A staff member has recently stepped down - and the potential replacement has yet to get back to us at this time. A different staff member is going through personal real-life issues at the moment. At the moment, I'm covering for both of them since Jess is going through tough times as well. This brings me to my second request.

If you are going to use the free deck request that I gave out a week or two ago, please do not request decks from the Deck Claims sheet that are marked as being made by Jess. I don't want to rush her. When things clear up in real-life for her, I'll either announce it when she lets me know - or she'll post it herself in the Deck Requests thread.

Decks that are on the upcoming list, if they are made by her, are free to be requested as they have already been made and are ready to be released as-is.

In other news, I have added "Limited Edition" TCG boosts to the Record Store information guide - and members may pick up to 2 of them right now. As I have already given out a free deck request in the March 1 update, members that joined prior to that date may not take the deck request boost from this update (since they can just go back and take the boost from that update anyway) as members are not allowed to receive more than 1 of each limited edition boost during the same month unless they are given out by fellow players as gifts or as prizes during events.

It is worth noting that, outside of events, members may only receive gifted TCG boosts from other players through an official wishlist thread on the forums. This may seem a bit drastic, but it's the simplest thing I can come up with that will prevent people from accumulating them too quickly...along with the prices being doubled when someone is purchasing the limited edition boost for themselves, that is.

Yes, this is also meant as an incentive for people to actually post their wishlist threads - in addition to the fact that I give out a reward just for doing so anyway (guaranteed to include cards you do not already have from your main collecting deck).

Deck Release: Um...okay, so there's no actual new decks today - which is why the fact that there's a Deck Release Pulls thread will probably fool you. This release is actually just a bit different because I still want to build up the upcoming list as I didn't make as many as I wanted to in the past week. This is mainly due to my right eye having the big stye on the top eyelid so I had a warm compress over my eyes more often than not.

Anyway, for this release you may choose up to 30 cards from the decks that have currently been released - taking no more than 3 cards per deck. These cards will just be for you. You will also be given an additional 10 slots that are to be given away to your fellow members (no more than 2 cards per member you are trading with). These additional slots are why the Deck Release Pulls exists.

This is, of course, meant to facilitate more trading - so these additional slots may be from decks that you have already pulled from in your initial 30 cards.

Closing Notes: Yeah, I've got nothing. I'll see you guys on March 28 for the next weekly update - and again on April 1 for the monthly update.

Also, you probably don't care but I almost forgot to change the image associated with "Artist Profiles" - which probably would've confused some of you since the previous round's idol was a somewhat feminine-looking boy (for those that know absolutely nothing about his series, anyway).

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