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A new month

New Members: None :[
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set 2, Monthly
Level Ups: Cami (3), Mio (5)
Masteries: Kairi (sherylnome, theindelibledream), Mio (oogamikoga, orpheus)
Affiliates: none

Okay, so I just found out that the audio files weren't working in Chrome. I usually test everything in Firefox so I had no idea that they weren't working until just now. In any case, though, the files should all be working now. This means that everyone should be getting compensation this month - as long as Chrome is one of the browsers that they use on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this issue until it was a little too late.

In other news, I've finally made a post with actual criteria for non-idol series to be added as "official" series to Spotlight. You may view this list by clicking here. You are, of course, allowed to recommend series if you feel that they meet one of the criteria - making sure to provide Wikipedia links, of course. This post is only useful in regards to series not centered around idols or music (in general), though. Still, I thought it would be good to have just in case anybody asks - it also saves me the time of having to explain why I may turn down certain claims.

I was going to do a release today but I don't want to risk running super low on decks again - since I've already started making decks that were simply requested by potential members. Instead, you're getting a bunch of freebies. Just make sure to comment with what you take.

♫ 10 choice special cards (no more than 5 per deck)
♫ Choice regular cards spelling out "NO RELEASE" (no other limits/restrictions)
♫ 20 random regular cards
♫ 20 random special cards
♫ 1 free temporary boost
♫ 1 extra special deck donation
♫ 1 free deck request (thread + coupon/boost will be made shortly) - link to this update after you post your comment)
♫ 100 Idol Points

Featured Artist: With a new month, there comes a new featured artist. Give a round of applause to Mio!

Event Cards: There are two new event cards today - one for the new month and another for the newest featured artist.

ev-march2017, ev-mar2017featuredartist

Closing Notes: The next update will most likely be on March 13 since I'll actually be at home and not at the would probably be good to note that the guide has finally been updated to specify that regular deck masteries will let you earn regular cards & special deck masteries will let you earn special cards.

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