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Day Late Friends

New Members: None :[
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set 1
Level Ups: Samu (4)
Masteries: none
Affiliates: Metamorphose - Cami is your referral!

Yeah, I should just admit it now that I am terrible at keeping promises when it comes to updates. In my defense, though, physics lab lasted longer than I had expected it too and I was really tired by the time that I got back to my regular campus.

With that said, though, I did remember to update the games this time around. I don't really think that's much of a consolation, though. It's still the 21st somewhere, though...I think...and that's good enough for me. I do wish that I had just posted this in the morning, but I can't really go back in time and fix that.

Event Cards: I'm not sure how many people remembered to grab the event cards from last week's update that I edited in so I'll be including them here as well. I'm also releasing another event card because of the new skin (featuring fine and Trickstar). The set-up is generally the's just a bit wider and the website title is actually part of the header rather than being coded in.

ev-125decks, ev-valentinesday2017, ev-skin003

Wishing Well: Sakura is granting 2 wishes today. She would grant more but her wishing well isn't very full at the moment. For the months of February and March, only, you may send in 1 extra wish per week. You can either send them in all in one go - with different forms, of course - or actually spread them out. I will be noting this on the forum in case anyone forgets.

Cassidy wished for: [blockqoute]10 random cards! Please take the first 10 cards that show up on this randomizer and make sure to comment with what you take.

Samu wished for:
I wish for an all male release!
It's more like an Enstars-themed release but that's basically the same thing, right?

New Decks: Like I said on the forums, there's going to be smaller releases for a while. This is, of course, due to our dwindling unreleased deck pool. There are only 5 new decks for you today. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone but you are more than welcome to trade your pulls away if you have no desire to keep them.

♪ All members may take up to 6 cards, but no more than 2 per deck.
♪ Donators and deck makers may take 1 extra card from the decks that they made or donated.
♪ Feel free to use the Deck Release Pulls thread if you have any slots that you do not plan on using for yourself.

Closing Notes: That should be all for now! For those of you who haven't seen the new skin yet, make sure to click here in order to check it out. You can, of course, choose to stick with the one that you are currently using. I've also started a new thread so that people can suggest images for future update icons. There's no guarantee in regards to when the icons will actually be made - but they will be made; I just like to make them in multiples of 6 since my backend "Show All" page for the update icons is coded in a way that displays them in rows of 6.

With all of that out of the way, I'll do my best to post the next update before 10am on February 28.

(At least I'm not cheating by changing the timestamp of this post...which I could do if I felt like it.)

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