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Happy Valentine's Day

New Members: None :[
Games: Weekly, Biweekly Set 2
Level Ups: Adelicya (5), Cassidy (4), Mio (4)
Masteries: Adelicya (ayaseeli, hoshinautau, morisawachiaki), Cassidy (nijinoyume, bokutachiwahitotsu, takeflightskygirl), Kairi (motomiyanagisa, rankalee, touinrina), Mio (sp-destructionroad), Samu (manakalaala, narukamiarashi, sp-secondshow)
Affiliates: none

I apologize for the lack of a special Valentine's Day icon but I was too lazy to make one since it would involve actually looking for an image that fit the holiday. Instead, you can enjoy Kaoru in a butler outfit.

Also, I technically didn't update any of the trivia games so enjoy a freebie round - or a second chance if you haven't figured out "Pitch Perfect" yet.

Wishing Well: You're only getting one wish from Adelicya today because we're running low - which means everyone is allowed to send in another three (all in separate forms) just so we can re-populate Sakura-chan's wishing well. She had half a mind to not grant any today...but this one was actually related to the occasion.
Cards spelling "VALENTINE" for Valentine's Day.
No more than 3 cards per deck and none can be special.

New Decks: There are 8 new decks for you today. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone but you are more than welcome to trade your pulls away if you have no desire to keep them.

♪ All members may take up to 12 cards, but no more than 2 per deck.
♪ Donators and deck makers may take 1 extra card from the decks that they made or donated.
♪ Feel free to use the Deck Release Pulls thread if you have any slots that you do not plan on using for yourself.

Event Cards: There are two event cards being released today - one celebrating Valentine's Day and the other just for the fact that we have officially released 125 decks!

ev-125decks, ev-valentinesday2017

Closing Notes: For the staff members reading this, I've finally made the staff payment page. You'll be able to see the link once you login to your member panel if you haven't done so already - and yes, you're free to look at everyone else's payment if you desire...just don't go to your page until you're ready to actually log it. Well, nearly everyone's payment will be automatically added into their activity log anyway so that doesn't actually matter - just don't try to refresh. After all, I can look through your on-site activity logs at any moment.

Anyway, I'll see you all again on February 21st.

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