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Here, you can view a list of all the unreleased decks featured on Spotlight. Each individual deck has a custom filler - but you can find a generic one to the left of this paragraph. However, if you are looking for the currently released decks, please click here in order to view them.


There are no unreleased decks for this category.

Characters & Groups

Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
Saotome Ako(Aikatsu Stars!) Ako is highly confident and displays a passionate, hot-blooded personality whenever someone else seems to do as good or better than her. When in a foul mood or extremely happy, she acts like a cat. She is deemed cute, but strange by others.Staff
Amahane Madoka(Aikatsu!) Amahane Madoka is the granddaughter of Angely Sugar's top designer and has always loved the dresses her grandmother makes. Her preferred brand is Angely Sugar.Adelicya
Arisugawa Otome(Aikatsu!) Otome has a bubbly personality and adores cuteness. Her favorite brand is Happy Rainbow.Adelicya
Otoshiro Noel(Aikatsu!) Otoshiro Noel is named for the holiday, Christmas Day, as it is her birthday.Adelicya
Saegusa Kii(Aikatsu!) Saegusa Kii is avery cheerful and energetic pop-type idol whose primary brand is Magical Toy.Adelicya
Shinjou Hinaki(Aikatsu!) Shinjou Hinaki is a very fashionable pop-type idol. Her primary brand is Vivid Kiss.Adelicya
Shinonome Kanata(AKB0048) Part of the 75th Generation of understudies, Kanata is serious and hardheaded but cares about her friends greatly and acts as a good leader.Kairi
Shinohara Miho(Fancy Lala) Miho is a carefree third-grader and an aspiring manga artist. Thanks to a magical sketch pad and pencil, she can transform into Lala, a beautiful teenage girl created from her manga art - is discovered by a talent agency, starting her adventures from an ordinary school girl to a model and idol singer.Kairi
Ousaka Sougo(IDOLiSH7) Sougo has a strong sense of responsibility, is smart, and excels at everything he tries. However he doesn’t show his true self, tends to worry and tries to carry too much weight by himself. He's usually mild-mannered, but every so often, he loses his self control...Staff
Rokuya Nagi(IDOLiSH7) Nagi is half Northern European. Immediately makes passes as girls when he sees them with sweet words and often includes English words in his speech. Staff
Yaotome Gaku(IDOLiSH7) Hates losing and has a bad mouth but has a side of him which is full of passion. Currently he holds the position for "No. 1 man that people want to be embraced by".Mio
Yotsuba Tamaki(IDOLiSH7) Has the temperament of a prodigy, yet is easily exhausted. Joined the entertainment world for a certain purpose, which even the other members do not know. For the sake of pudding, he is willing to do anything wholeheartedly.Mio
Hoshizora Rin(Love Live!) Rin is very energetic, determined, and sporty. Despite being allergic to cats, she loves them and often ends her sentences with nya. Her favorite food is ramen, and she loves dancing.Cas
Takami Chika(Love Live! Sunshine!!) Chika is a really energetic and optimistic girl. μ's inspired her to start her own school idol group, Aqours. She loves mikan and also plays softball.Cas
Segawa Onpu(Other) Onpu is a child idol, being a singer, an actress, and having her own morning radio show. Hence, she has a large male fanbase who will chase her anywhere. She is also a witch apprentice, once under the apprenticeship of Majorika's rival, Majoruka.Kairi
Futaba Anzu(The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls) Futaba Anzu is an idol who is a NEET and believes that she will be able to live off of royalties for the rest of her life.Adelicya
Miyamoto Frederica(The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls) A half-French, half-Japanese girl from Paris. She is energetic, stylish, and flirty.Mio
Sakuma Mayu(The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls) Mayu is a former photography model who quit her career upon seeing the Producer at first sight. She strives to become his finest idol, so they can always be together forever.Staff
Takagaki Kaede(The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls) Kaede is a mature and mysterious idol. She is very quiet, never saying more than necessary. Her hobbies are visiting and relaxing in onsen. While her everyday speaking voice is soft and quiet, her singing voice is powerful and resonant.Mio


Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
Arabian Sparkle(Aikatsu Stars!) Yozora shows off the "Arabian Sparkle" coord.Staff
Girls' Flag(Aikatsu Stars!) Tsubasa shows off the "Girls' Flag" coord.Staff


Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
Dancing Days(Aikatsu Stars!) Tsubasa performs "Dancing Days" - the theme song for her new movie.Staff
BIRDCAGE (Traffic Signal)(Dream Festival) Traffic Signal performs "BIRDCAGE ~Birdcage of Desire~" during their debut concert.Staff
?←HEARTBEAT(Love Live!) A song sung by Ayase Eli, Toujou Nozomi, and Yazawa Nico about μ's' new-found fame after returning from New York City.Cas


Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
Advance, Yuzukoshou!(Aikatsu Stars!) Season 1, Episode 32 - Yuzu forms a unit with Yume and Ako in an effort to defeat Yozora & Tsubasa at Fall Fest, eventually bringing Yume out of her slump.Staff


Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
KIRA☆Power(Aikatsu!) Season 2, Opening 1Staff
Ichido Dake no Koi Nara(Macross Delta) OpeningKairi
Zettai Reido θ Novatic(Macross Delta) Opening 2Kairi


Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
Rune Ga Pikatto Hikattara(Macross Delta) EndingKairi


There are no unreleased decks for this category.


Deck NameDescriptionDonated By
Luminas(Aikatsu!) Promotional poster for LuminasStaff
New Year(Collaboration Stage) Collaboration Stage - R001: New YearMembers
fortissimo of Flutter(Ensemble Stars!) Unit CD Vol. 9 "fine" 2Staff
Silent Oath(Ensemble Stars!) Unit CD Vol. 3 "Knights" 2Staff
SECRET NIGHT(IDOLiSH7) First release from TriggerMio
Santa's Helpers(Love Live!) Eli & Nozomi in their idolized December stage outfits.Staff
Karuta(Love Live! Sunshine!!) The Kurosawa sisters playing karuta in their unidolized January kimonos.Cas
Night Festival(Love Live! Sunshine!!) Ohara Mari & Matsuura Kanan in their unidolized September yukatas.Jules
Lead Vocalists(Show by Rock!!) Lead vocalists from "Show by Rock!!" bandsStaff